Unleash the Potential of Education with Microsoft Education

Welcome to the revolution in education!

At CRIAZI, we believe in the power of technology to transform learning. That's why we're proud to offer Microsoft Education as an exclusive benefit to our customers. This powerful platform provides an innovative learning environment, full of tools and resources that boost students' academic development and creativity.

Join us on this journey of innovative education! Contact us to learn more about how you can offer this benefit to your staff and students and improve the way they learn.


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Microsoft Educational facilitates collaboration between students, teachers and teams, allowing them to work together efficiently on educational projects.

With access to the Office 365 suite, students can use applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create incredible work and engaging presentations.

Have access to a wide range of content, courses and educational materials developed by Microsoft, designed to enrich the learning experience.

Gain peace of mind knowing that student data is protected and managed according to the highest security and privacy standards.

With tools like Microsoft Teams and OneNote, teachers can adapt teaching to meet each student’s individual needs, promoting more effective and engaging learning.

As our CRIAZI client, you are entitled to enjoy this benefit. For more information contact us.