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Why the Rufous-bellied Thrush?

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The sabiá-laranjeira is the best known of the Brazilian species and has inspired several songs and poems (such as “song of exile” by Gonçalves Dias), a bird that is the symbol of the state of São Paulo, and also of Brazil.

We at CRIAZI chose this bird for several reasons that intertwine our beliefs and among them 3 main ones stand out:

Construction of home and being

Something that brought a strong identification with the species was the fact that it builds its own nest, creates its own home and environment. This detail was our main inspiration for the name CRIAZI, as we believe in creating and building our own being, our own path, environment and possibilities, creating everything from A to Z with intelligence!


We support and believe a lot in freedom, of expression, of doing what makes us happy, taking risks, living... and what symbol would represent this belief more than a bird? A bird that flies and is free, light and susceptible to changes and new environments and that's why we at CRIAZI seek to mirror in them, thus always being susceptible to new ideas, changes and improvements.

Support to nature

Finally, the third reason to stand out is our support for nature, birds, trees and the environment. Over the years we have noticed that many species of birds are becoming more and more extinct from nature, this is due to the commercialization of these and the growing destruction of trees. We at CRIAZI are totally against the capture and commercialization of birds, we wish more life, greener and awareness to people, we believe that if the population would like to hear more birds singing, then we should plant more trees, create an environment for them live in your freedom, so that you may sing free as you are.

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Why the orange color?

“It means joy, vitality, prosperity and success. It is associated with creativity, as its use awakens the mind. ”

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