Transforming Education: Unlocking the Power of Google for Education for Teachers and Students

CRIAZI and Google for Education - Innovation, Engagement and Academic Excellence!

CRIAZI and Google for Education come together to offer an explosion of educational innovation! Our powerful tools are like a springboard to academic excellence, custom-shaped to meet the specific needs of your school community.

Enter a safe and secure learning environment that not only stimulates, but transforms the interaction between teachers and students. Enjoy a range of extraordinary tools designed for everyone, promoting seamless communication and truly engaging learning.

And for parents, the magic doesn’t end here! Through dedicated accounts, we provide you with the opportunity to closely monitor your children’s academic development.

Features and Applications

Manage your class

As a teacher, you can monitor your students' files, messages, attendance and access


Create and manage multiple-choice quizzes for students to complete in class or as part of homework.


Easily create projects and individually assign multiple content types. Monitor how your students develop and reuse projects


Create events in our online calendar and share them securely with individuals, classes or groups.

Google Workspace

It includes applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, among others. Educators and students can create, collaborate and share documents online in real time.

Google Classroom

Learning management platform that allows teachers to create virtual classrooms for their classes. Teachers can assign tasks, share study materials, send feedback and monitor.

Google Meet

A video conferencing platform that supports online meetings and virtual classes. Integration with Google Classroom to facilitate the organization of video classes.

Google Drive

Offers cloud storage for documents, images, videos and other types of files. It makes it easy to access files from anywhere and allows for real-time collaboration.

Our team is available will be on hand to answer questions, provide support, offer training and keep you up to date with new developments. We’re here to help!

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