Here you will find all the information to have your website!
I currently don't have a website, what should I do?

No problem, we can set it all up for you. We can register your domain, for example (minhaescola.com) and configure your hosting with professional emails, for example (diretoria@minhaescola.com).

I already have a website, but it's not working, what do I do?

We cannot work with your existing website and would need to set it up in a new location (server) with a new or existing domain name. This is usually not a big deal and would be included in our price. You can usually redirect all traffic to your new site.

Will my website look good on cell phones etc?

Yes, your website will be specifically designed to be ‘Responsive’ which means it will look great on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and of course desktops and laptops.

My website will be secure?

We will host your website on a highly secure server. In addition to being safe, we back up all files daily so that your data will always be safe. Your website will also have a built-in Firewall constantly monitoring all activity. If there are problems, we will be contacted by your website and we will act accordingly.

Who will add content to the site once it is built?

You will have full access to the site where you can include content such as News and Pages. We can also configure multiple users with different access levels. Example of editors who can add and edit content, but not access areas through the site. We can also set up ‘Authors’ who can also add content, but that content will not be displayed on the site unless approved by an ‘Editor’. The ‘Administrator’ has full system rights and can publish more users and change site settings.

I will be trained on how to use the site?

We offer free hands-on training where we visit the school, sit down and show you how it will work. We also offer several online tutorial videos on how to add content and edit content and optimize images, etc. These videos are screenshots of us working on a site with the same system as yours. We think this method of showing people the ropes works best as you can jump back to a specific video at any time. If for some reason there is a specific aspect of your website that you are having difficulties with, you can talk to us directly so that we will solve it and then we can even create a more in-depth video specifically about this question, after all other schools may have the same problem. and even.

Upon completion of the website, how will the site hosting be paid, will an invoice be sent?

Yes, we send an email 30 days before the invoice renewal date.
In the option (single price) renewal after one year of €210 per year including domain
In the option (monthly price) Everything is included, including the domain.
In both price options
It includes support (by support I mean resolving technical issues), domain name, SSL security certificate, daily backups, hosting and disaster recovery if needed.

How do we make updates or changes to the website, if necessary?

When the site is live and complete, I will send you the site login details. We provide instructional videos on how to manage all aspects of the site. Sometimes schools find some things difficult and I am always here to help.

How much does the website cost?

Everything we offer in two different payment methods, so you can choose the one that best suits your School
First option (Premium Price) €45 monthly
Second Option (Single price) €1100 including VAT.

In both price options:
Includes everything; website design, hosting, security certificate and domain name. You can also configure things to work with your GSuite or Office 365 setup if you have one, at no extra cost. If you don’t have any of them, Google is offering a limited free pack for schools.

How will I edit my pages etc?

The website would be built using WordPress. Most websites on the internet today use it. It’s versatile and relatively easy to understand how it works. When we deliver the site to you, I will send you a link with videos and screenshots. We are adding news, adding pages, uploading images, etc. People find this very helpful. At the end of the day, I’m always here to help with whatever you need.


How many pages can I have?

There is no limit to the number of pages you can have, adding new pages is a one-click action.


Where will the site be built?

The site would initially be built in a staging area where only you will have access. When the site is complete and everyone is satisfied, the site will be moved to the live environment.

How do we send you content to build the site?

Schools often send me content in Word format or with the content pasted into the body of the email. I ask that all content be sent page by page, for example. an email with only the content ‘About us’ and another with only the ‘Policies’ etc. This makes management easier on my side. I also ask that when uploading Word documents, no images are added to the document itself as it is difficult and time consuming to exit Word. It is preferable to attach images to emails. We can use the WhatsApp application as a way of sending information to make it easier.

How to use my professional email?

Access can be through webmail, many Schools use email applications on cell phones or computers, our emails are compatible with all and if you have any questions, just contact us and we will help you with the configuration.

How long will my website be ready?

We are very fast with the development of the Site, normally between 10 to 25 days for the completion of the website.

If the Site has problems due to misuse and needs to be restored, how does it work?

In that case we have two options. We were able to restore the first version for free without the latest updates. Second is the restoration of the last 30 days, this will cost the amount of Є40.

Who is CRIAZI Schools?
CRIAZI Schools is a company formed by highly qualified professionals, who help to develop the information technology market with technological innovations, seeing a promising and dynamic future. With an eye on that future, we ended up building a past, a present and an excellent path ahead,