WordPress allows different levels of users registered on its site of functions. designed from the assigned roles, the user will have access to the more limited functions within WordPress. Administrator: Has all rights over all functions of the site. (Ideal for Site Administrator, and Development Team – Create a User for Each) Editor: It can...

Here’s how to log into WordPress and start editing your site. In the browser, access https://[]/wp-admin (for example, Enter your Username or email and your Password provided by our team or your site administration team, and select Login.  

Adding a user in WordPress is a simple task, but it requires attention to some details. To add a new user in WordPress, follow these steps: Logged in to WordPress as Administrator 1. Access the user creation screen Click on the Users menu > Add New. 2. Fill in the new user information Fill in...

Who is CRIAZI Schools?
CRIAZI Schools is a company formed by highly qualified professionals, who help to develop the information technology market with technological innovations, seeing a promising and dynamic future. With an eye on that future, we ended up building a past, a present and an excellent path ahead,